Milton Masterpiece

I have a couple of great projects right now, but my favorite by far is work on a ten year old home in the equestrian area north of Atlanta. Set on several acres, this home is having a ton of work done on it to give a freshened up look. Part “Tommy Bahama” and other parts “Park City” the new owners wished to give the house a gentle face lift to meld in with the more current “farmhouse” look like many of the surrounding area’s newer homes.

The goal, as always, is to give this vibrant and active family a contemporary home with tons of warmth (and an Artful Interior creative touch) while helping bring it up to it’s full market potential and maximize the acreage and existing features.

The first step was to find a renovator. I have a few contractor’s I’ve worked with and I am pleased my client’s chose one of my favorites (you’ll be hearing much more about him later, I thoroughly trust for his workmanship and creativity — a rare gem).

Below are some before and after photos of the exterior color – again, the goal was to lighten it up to minimize the older rustic look, while simultaneously coordinating with the house’s really good bones, such as the front porch columns, the existing roof, and the great shingles!

And….to get the interior jump-started, my client and I picked some gorgeous rugs from one of my favorite vendors, Loloi Rugs. I always like a muse, and with the shingles on the front taken care of (the clients really wanted to get that knocked out while the Atlanta weather cooperated), we are now able to turn our focus on the getting a plan for colors, textures, and shapes…all my favorite part of the design canvas. So rugs are a great way to get thing rolling and ordered. The one on the right is for the TV room – a 10 x 14. The one on the right is a bit “softer” in feel and will go in the dining room.

I am fortunate in that I live in the Atlanta area and can go to America’s Mart downtown where my rug selections are as numerous and delicious as a box of Godiva Chocolate. Only less caloric. With more traffic.

More marvelous updates from Milton’s Masterpiece soon.

I’ve got a couple new wonderful clients too and when I get my photos organized, I’ll post some more updates and new projects starting in 2017.

In the meantime, happy creating!