Staging a home in Florida: Update With A Rebate

I’m working on a new project in the much coveted Moorings area of Naples, Florida.  It is a creatively stimulating project in that the owners have a wonderfully built home with a great floor plan.  All the basics are already there — it is just a little dated.  My clients are awesome and are letting me do what I want — I just have a fairly limited budget.  So, I am entitling this project my, “update with a rebate” staging project.  It feel confident my work will give them back SO much more on their investment and final pricing in the end (they are selling it) — much more than the budget I have, I am banking!

I will keep my followers appraised of my “artful creations” on a dime!

Here are some “before” shots to get the ball rolling:

All those great and expensive “finishes” from the mid-2000’s,  just don’t sell as well anymore, unfortunately (Faux, Antiquing, Washes, etc..).  The “tuscan” look in this home is now looking a bit heavy.

My first step was to do a walk around and see how to simply and quickly give a little face lift on a budget to this lovely home. Then pick some new and updated colors.  I chose Sherwin Williams Piedmont Beige and Shoji White for the main rooms.

The master bathroom had dark cabinets, white sinks and jetted tub, faux cream (looking by now yellow!) walls with an antique glaze, one type of tile on the floor, and then a very busy granite counter top. It was just too much for the eye to take in and would most likely cause potential buyers to step gingerly away!

The easiest step  was to work on the things that were not the (as I call them) “hardscapes” (i.e. tile, counters, etc…).  So…paint, it is!

One of my first concerns was a little area off the master bath shower. Sorry my pictures are not very professional — it is hard to see below, but there was a sliding door out to a “room” that was screened in.  How to make this look like it was not an after thought? The challenge grows…

Stay tuned for the progress…

See the shower area?  There is a “room to no where” right off it!  Hm…creative environments for today’s living?  Don’t worry.  I got this… 🙂  Laura


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