We have some progress!  I decided that the master bath was just too busy…the easies thing to tweak with the least cost (i.e. NOT removing tile, counters, or major fixtures) would be to simplify the cabinets.  There was differing tile, counters, antique faux finished walls, older, “heavy” lighting fixtures, etc.. , so..I took out the lights and lightened up the cabinets.

As previously blogged, the masterbath was fairly dark.  So, for my inspiration and springboard for the masterbath, I knew I needed to I chose a color for the cabinets that would tie together all the busyness while lightening up the whole environment.  The lightest color in the (probably very expensive originally!) granite counters, was the logical choice.

I also found the owner’s drawings from the house. It always helps to get the accurate layout!  Can’t be architectural drawings.


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